After sorting and choosing some photos to share today’s gratitudes, I find that once again I’m unable to post in the usual manner from my laptop. Yesterday I solved this by posting some unedited photos from my phone, but today I choose not to do that. If I can’t post a photo from here, I’ll just say I’m grateful today that I woke up alive, that I made choices today that contributed to my genuine happiness, and that I’m grateful to be heading toward a warm, soft, cozy bed for a night of rest. Maybe I’ll sort out this sudden technical glitch tomorrow and maybe I won’t. Either way, I’ll keep my composure, feeling equanimity, for which I’m grateful 😊

And too bad if I can’t post photos, because I took a few good ones today: yet another unexpected claret cup blooming, oh the benefits of following deer trails this time of year instead of the old well-worn people trails; another great lunch, another failed burger bun with the last of the mayo, smoked salmon, St. Angel cheese, and pea sprouts; and lovely light on the apricot tree and irises, with storm clouds in the background. Ah well, so be it.

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