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Top to bottom in this great little silicone baggie, two jalapeƱo Tam peppers dancing with two Chimayos, resting on two Blot sweet peppers, with the first ripe Aji Crystal hot peppers on the bottom. I’m devising a strategy to get my fermented hot sauce accomplished even though all the peppers are not ripening at the same time, as I had ignorantly assumed they would! Why would they go against their nature just to meet my expectations? I’ll just ferment the peppers in batches as they ripen, and then mix them all together for the sauce. It’s comforting to go with the flow. I’m grateful for adaptability.

I’m grateful the little dog exercises caution at the rim, just like the catahoulas all did when they were puppies. I suppose eventually she’ll trot right up to the edge to look over, but for now she just leans her nose out as far as it will go without getting her feet too close. She’s adapting so well to her new life here that I sometimes wonder if she remembers her old life. And I often wish I knew more about it.

I tried to adapt to the inhaler medication, but it was producing some uncomfortable effects including paradoxically more difficulty breathing. Also, it didn’t substantially raise my oxygen saturation. This reading is from this morning about four hours before my next dose was due. In town a thousand feet lower a couple hours later the reading was 96. This afternoon it hovered around 90. It’s a mystery to me, but I’ve quit the drug and committed to alternative techniques to improve my oxygen. Also, a portable concentrator is due to arrive tomorrow. I’ll adapt to having a small plastic tube stuck in my nose for some hours each day and/or night. A little bit more oxygen is better than none at all.

Shameless self-promotion: I’ll be teaching the MLP Foundations Course again starting in October, sharing immeasurably valuable mindfulness skills with people looking to reduce mental and emotional suffering, increase genuine happiness and contentment, and improve their overall quality of life. Email me if you’re interested in learning more about this transformative course.

And while I’m shamelessly promoting myself, let me also joyfully promote Hillery, who has a big weekend coming up. Tomorrow, an interview on KVNF (90.9, 89.1 and elsewhere on the south end of the FM dial locally, or kvnf.org worldwide), then performances Friday and Saturday at the Blue Sage in Paonia and the Creamery in Hotchkiss respectively. Give yourself a sweet treat by going to hear this up and coming Indi-pop star!


Opportunity knocked, and I opened the door. I accepted the invitation to create an online Introduction to Mindfulness course for a large group of educators. It will be a cursory overview, a tip of the tip of the iceberg, that may entice people to try meditation and some basic mindfulness practices. My hope is that it will give teachers who opt to take it a glimpse of the possibilities that meditation and mindfulness practice offer to find mental and emotional balance in a complicated and stressful work environment. During this pandemic educators, like health workers, face increasing anxiety, overwhelm, and burnout due to short-staffing, higher workload, traumatized students, and conservative pushback against the science of masks and vaccines.

Mindfulness changed my life. I’m grateful for the opportunity I stumbled upon early in the pandemic to learn simple and effective skills to manage my own anxiety, fear, and depression, and transform my life into one of gratitude and contentment. I’m grateful for a decade of meditation practice, a year of intense mindfulness training, and the opportunity to teach these skills online, helping people explore their own potential for less mental suffering and more genuine happiness. I’m grateful for the decades of adventure I’ve had exploring fun, creative, interesting, and varied ways of making a living; for all the lessons, influences, and conditions that led me to discover my true calling and right livelihood at long last. I’m grateful for opportunities to share the gifts of meditation and mindfulness with this new custom course for Oregon educators; and with anyone who is interested in a more thorough exploration, through the Mindful Life Program’s Foundations Course offered online quarterly, with the next class starting in January.