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The Last Warm Day

Morning of the last warm day, looking north from the deck. I’m grateful to have spent much of the day outside enjoying hanging laundry, wrapping up the garden, tidying up the patio, and appreciating the beauty all around.
We made a point to walk to the canyon this morning, expecting with big wind tonight and rain by morning that it would be our last chance to enjoy the fall colors in the canyon. The temperature is forecast to drop to 22℉ by Monday morning, with daytime highs below 50 and nights all below freezing for the next two weeks.
I’m grateful to get a fine load of firewood delivered just in the nick of time. Four cords should certainly keep the house warm til spring, and then some. I’m grateful for both the living trees and the dead trees.

Wednesday, September 19

Patience pays off.

Today my mother would have been 84. She loved my yard and would have been content to sit by the pond with me for hours, except for the bees…

Yesterday Ruth and I drove up on Grand Mesa, from the Colbran road off 133 up and across west to Overland Reservoir, then back down Stevens Gulch Road to Paonia. What a treat the colors were, despite the pervasive haze from fires far to the west.

Where we picnicked.


A half-day’s drive to enjoy all this, but still our back yard. Too grateful for words.