Strange Little Dog

She’s so weird. I can’t walk her in snow because she won’t walk! She just keeps eating snow and ice. I have to throw it for her to run, and even then she sometimes gets distracted by a different chunk on the way. But she sure is cute, and I’m grateful for this strange little dog.

Inside the Kaleidoscope

Internet is sketchy the past couple days, so keeping it short and heading to bed. These are from yesterday, morning and evening, and today brought much the same beauty. I’m grateful for living inside the kaleidoscope, and for so much more. Sweet dreams.

It came to my attention that this failed to post last night when I was using my phone since no internet. So here is last night’s gratitude, late but no less.


Wren doing Arts & Crafts at doggie daycare yesterday. I’m grateful today that we both got to rest at home. I napped in the morning, I napped in the afternoon, I showered and rinsed my achy nose; I read, ate, read, talked with people; I rested all day and now it’s time for bed. I actively appreciated so much of what I did and didn’t do today. Namaste.

Chicken Soup

I’m grateful on this cold rainy day for the ingredients and ability to make chicken soup; for the stove and fuel to heat the burner and for the pot; for the fragrance wafting through the house; and for a friend to share the soup with.


I’m so grateful today for heartwarming company, companionship, my old friend Sean come to visit for a few days. With his blue parka and his regional whiskey and his compatible heart. A friend like this doesn’t come around every day, especially not during a pandemic. I cooked an awful dinner and we laughed about it. Grateful for another opportunity tomorrow.


My guilty pleasure. I can’t think about where it comes from. Though I do buy local ‘happy pig’ bacon when possible, and otherwise the most ethical available. Which isn’t very. This is why it’s a guilt trip for me; and an indulgence.

When I want bacon I manage to automagically separate the food from its origin as a sentient being. My mind disassociates. Today I’m grateful for the first batch of homegrown jalapeño poppers. So simple, so delicious.