The days are more warm than cool, it hasn’t frozen at night for a few weeks, tomato seedlings are finally sprouting in their progressive incubators: Gardening feels real at last, and I’m grateful for that. It’s such a relief to see the growth of planted seeds after the extraordinarily long winter.

I’ve thinned the sprouts in half the cups to just one, and am bringing them out every day since it’s warm enough, and since I was weeks late planting the seeds, hoping they’ll grow fast enough to go in the ground in just a couple more weeks. We’ll know more later!

Meanwhile, those peas I took a chance on planting before a late snow are shooting up to the trellis with vigor. And the peach tree is full of delicate pink blossoms and perching hummingbirds. What a glorious view!

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  1. So interesting to see and read about the difference between gardening in central Texas, and your part of CO. Peaches here are ready for harvest, and our tomato plants have flowers and even a few small tomatoes. But soon we will be complaining about the heat and humidity, while you revel in pleasant temperatures ❤️

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