One Year with Wren

On our ride home from the shelter with Auntie Carol.
Her poor little face when she arrived, having tried to escape cages in shelters.
So thin…
Wren meets Rocky for the first time.
I begin to understand that she will eat anything… horseradish leaves.

Indulge me. I couldn’t help myself. I spent a little time reviewing a year of her photos — maybe a duplicate or two but I tried to pick those that haven’t been posted here before. There’s really no need for words. I’m grateful for our first year together, and wish us many more.

She is proud to have found Biko all by herself for the first time!
Romaine is just about her favorite snack
365 days of multiple hugs, most of them a little inconvenient, all of them welcome.
How she pulled this off?
Singing herself happy birthday this afternoon!

5 thoughts on “One Year with Wren

  1. Happy birthday, Wren! Thanks for bringing such joy, fun companionship, and, of course, love, into our dear Rita’s life! Thank you, Rita, for giving Wren such a loving home. Great pics!

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