The Internets

Wren tries out her front-pack, for when I need to carry her on long or cold walks. She is a little big for the size Large, but she seemed pretty comfortable in it.

After four full days without the internet, I’ve sure had some time to process how much I rely on it not only day to day but minute by minute. I’m grateful to have ‘the internets’ (as one of our more eloguent presidents called it) back after all this time, and to have had the time to recognize how essential it’s become to my work, entertainment, and planning. No weather forecasts, no Picard, no ability to upload videos, and the podcast has been languishing this whole time, almost ready to upload but with this software I couldn’t even finalize it without internet.

It was indeed the magnificent THUNdersnow that knocked out the tower on Friday afternoon, as I suspected. Tight-lipped Rise Broadband finally confirmed that in an email this afternoon, while I was at the dentist getting a back molar prepped for my first-ever crown. I’m also grateful for dentists, and dental care, and oral hygiene; I’m grateful for a wedge of pineapple upside down cake which was all my sore mouth felt like eating tonight after I woke up from a nap after the afternoon in the dental chair. I’m grateful for nitrous oxide which made the ordeal feel almost like a spa treatment. I’m super tired, and heading to bed, but grateful to be reconnected with the world.

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