This volutus, or roll cloud, forms over open water or ahead of a storm front. I saw one of these rolling toward me across the desert when I was driving west across Arizona on I-10 a hundred years ago. It’s an impressive sight. I could feel the excitement and awe of the people who witnessed this one in 2016 over Lake Michigan.

I’m grateful again today for the Cloud Appreciation Society, and the many thousands of cloudspotters who make up their community — our community. I’m member #58,480 and joined a year ago. I just renewed my membership for $34 and each morning, rain or shine, a cloud photo comes to my inbox from somewhere in the world. I’m dazzled by some of the images, touched by some of the stories or interpretations of the clouds, and always feel a moment of gratitude that there are so many people across the planet who are looking up. They send an occasional newsletter which included a feature today about the Volutus species of cloud. Here’s a link to a podcast they’re featured in. I haven’t listened yet but will tomorrow. I’m grateful that I’ve been cloudspotting since I was a kid, and still enjoy looking up every day, and most nights.

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  1. The word is overused, but the video of the roll cloud is truly amazing. And your photo is so beautiful. I’m grateful to wake up this morning to these heavenly gifts ❤️

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