The Raptors’ Return

A lousy picture of a rough-legged hawk in a reservoir cottonwood, but still pretty remarkable for a telephone camera! Also, it was good enough for the Merlin Bird ID app to name it correctly, confirming my guess without binoculars.

It’s February! Time for the raptors’ return! Last week I spotted three redtail hawks on power poles on the drive home from town. A couple days later I walked the campground loop at the state park, and we saw a rough-legged hawk, above. In a cottonwood by a ranch house on the road home a bald eagle perched. As I pulled into the driveway a redtail circled over the house. The first true harbinger of spring, the retails’ return. Also, even though it snowed today, yesterday’s high temperature was 57℉. I’ve pulled the first seed packets that need to be planted indoors 8-12 weeks before the last frost. Spring is coming!

This bald eagle image was borrowed from Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s wonderful website, All About Birds. This is an incredible resource for anyone wanting to learn more about the birds they see in the trees, sky, and feeders around them.
We first spotted the rough-legged hawk flying, when it looked like this. Clearly not a redtail. We then saw it later perched in the tree. Image again borrowed from Cornell.

I’m also grateful for those brain docs who offered a free brain-health cooking series. Yesterday I learned to make a tofu scramble that tastes almost like scrambled eggs, along with sweet potato hash (steaming is the secret to cooking them through!), and simple sautéed greens which I seasoned only with a squeeze of rangpur lime. Thanks, Kathy!

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  1. You are most welcome! The freeze we had a few weeks ago reeked havoc on our citrus. Hopefully this lime tree will come back next year.

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