The Right Tools for the Job

I received a bamboo beaded curtain today for the pantry doorway. It’s an odd size, and in more than 25 years I haven’t been able to find an actual door for it. I used a blind for awhile but after a couple of times repairing the strings it wasn’t worth the trouble anymore. The beaded curtain isn’t the perfect fix because the strands are too far apart to really block daylight, which is important when pickling or simply storing home canned goods. I may need to buy a second one and install it a half inch to the side; or, I might find another solution to supplement the beads; or I might do nothing more. Either way, I’m grateful to own, and know how to use, the right tools for the job. I’m grateful, almost every time I do a little home improvement project, to the Colonel for teaching me to use tools, and the value of the right tool for the job. I’m grateful for this little Makita battery-operated drill/screwgun that’s served me well for many years. I’m grateful for my mother’s high-school ruler that I ran across deep in her old desk drawer some years ago. I’m also grateful for blue painters’ tape, and for the Trans Handy Ma’am‘s tips.

I stumbled upon her on Instagram and have joined her 143,000 followers. She’s been a burlesque performer for many years, but her day job has been in home maintenance. She offers basic tips with a side of compassion, and I’ve learned a few things from her, like how to use a piece of painters’ tape to measure and mark something for hanging on the wall, or in this case on the doorway. Most of her followers are women, many are single mothers, and many are renters. She focuses on the needs of this demographic, and often wraps her segments with, “And remember, you’re worth the time it takes to learn a new skill.”

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  1. Have you thought of hanging a decorative sheet or shower curtain. When in use you could simply tie it open? Almost all of our closet doors have broken over the use and I now use colorful shower curtains.

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