Slowing Days

It was a cinnamon kind of morning. Drizzled all night, cool and grey this morning outside, chilly inside. I’m grateful for coffee, milk, cinnamon, maple syrup, and vanilla. I’m grateful for the courage to light the pilot on the water heater for the floor heat, and that even though I don’t know where the pump is it seems to be working. I’m grateful for several storm cells dropping rain throughout the day, grateful for the slowing days of fall.

I used a Sirenevyi pepper for this trick I saw online, and its rings were too small to hold all the egg but it was delicious nonetheless. I scrambled an egg with some scraps from peppers and onion chopped finely and a splash of cream, then spooned the mixture into the pepper rings sizzling in the bacon fat. They overflowed, oh well! Flipped them and topped with thin slices of dill Havarti and crumbled bacon, and enjoyed a very satisfying lunch. So simple, so delicious! Next time, I’ll use a larger pepper, a precious Blot.

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