This Week…

The apricot tree is in full bloom… a gorgeous and melancholy sight, as temps are predicted to fall well below freezing tomorrow night…
Magpies are nurturing a nest right outside the kitchen window, which will provide entertainment for months.
Biko has been enjoying his days outside in his round pen, coming inside each evening with an assist from me.
The does are coming around less often as surrounding fields green up. This is Stripe, who has extra small ears for a mule deer, and a white stripe down the length of her nose, which is not quite visible here because of the sun.
How did I never think to fry a burrito in butter??? So simple, so delicious.
Sometimes an image just demands the camera.
The bonsai jasmine is finally blooming, and its intoxicating fragrance fills the kitchen each evening.
I cook a skillet of beans once a week or so for burritos or whatever. Yesterday I craved cheesy grits also, and plunked some on top of the black beans. So simple, so delicious!

It’s been quite a week, full of pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral events and perceptions. The days swirl by in a dance of mind with matter, and by the end of each day I’m too tired to post. In appreciation of those who have noticed my absence, I am sharing my simple gratitude today for another week alive, one precious day after another; without further ado, but with heartfelt thanks for the love and support of my community and friends across the country.

4 thoughts on “This Week…

  1. Rita, I was just thinking today that you were overdue for a post, so I was happy to see this tonight, along with the photos and text. I especially liked the colorful photo of the M&Ms, the delicious looking grits and beans, and the bonsai jasmine – a feast for the senses. The confederate jasmine on the trellis in my backyard is poised to bloom (as I happily anticipate its heavenly scent), and the bougainvilleas are leafing out after winter. Thank you for sharing your gratitude, as it reminds me to bask in mine.

    • Thank you, Sandra. Where do you live that you get to have confederate jasmine (not familiar with that name) and bougainvillea?I’m glad my practice can inspire yours. I wish I could have some of those lovely warm weather flowering shrubs outside, but for here, bonsai will have to do. Maybe I’ll bonsai an azalea!

      Rita Clagett Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher Mirador Eco-Retreat

      “My experience is what I agree to attend to.” ~ William James


    • I’ll give it a try! Someday… 😆

      Rita Clagett Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher Mirador Eco-Retreat

      “My experience is what I agree to attend to.” ~ William James


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