Stellar’s Last Day

Was today. Heartfelt gratitude to everyone who cared so deeply about him. Whether or not you ever met him in person, you got to know and love him here. My gratitude for his team this morning know no bounds. More later 💔♥️

16 thoughts on “Stellar’s Last Day

  1. Rita, my condolences on your loss of Stellar. He was a noble and loving companion who will always have a special place in your hear. It is heartbreaking to lose our 4-legged family members but know that he received a warm welcome when he crossed the rainbow bridge.
    Hugs ate you and Topaz.

  2. Oh, Rita , I am so very sorry for your loss. I’m sure your best friend. please know there are other friends that love you too. Gaytha pie

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  3. Le envío mis profundas condolencias. Dearest Rita, I’m not sure why this feels richer for saying it in Spanish. It has been my privilege to share this journey with you and Stellar through your writings. Rest well.

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