Harvest: Pole Beans

I’ve mentioned the rattlesnake pole beans before in my gratitude practice. Here they are again! I picked two pounds over the past three days, and was grateful to find a pickling recipe that called for exactly that. I’m grateful for the scrappy dill in the garden, the little garlics I grew, the exact amount of vinegar left in the jug in the pantry, and fresh water; grateful for the gas in the stove, for the stove, and all the conditions that allow both to be in my house; grateful for the confidence and skill to process the pickles, and grateful that the lids popped. Grateful that there will be pounds more of rattlesnake pole beans in the next few days, and that I’ll likely be alive to do something else creative with them.

I’m grateful also for the first tiny cantaloupe!

I’m grateful that the smoke lifted a bit this afternoon, that the temperature wasn’t uncomfortable for me or the animals, that old Stellar made it through another day eating well and wobbling, sleeping and snoring: his comforting soft snoring beside me as I lay on the floor meditating. Grateful for meditation and mindfulness, and all the people and animals and events that help me remember to be grateful every living moment of every day.

One thought on “Harvest: Pole Beans

  1. I am TOTALLY grateful for Rita,Jr. a chance to laugh and enjoy her wit and essence which is magically akin to her aunt we both adored!!!! Your blog is fantastic!!!! Colorful and filled with bees and color and wonderful observations!! I see us friends for YEARS to come!! LOVE YOU,Lynn

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