Just This

Old painting, new life. I’m grateful my brother painted this fifty years ago, that I wouldn’t let it go when the old house sold; that I kept it rolled up in storage for decades, and unfurled it a couple of years ago thinking: better it hang somewhere, even outside, than spend the rest of its life in a tube and get thrown away whenever I die. It survived two years ignominiously screwed to the wall a little askew, but today it finally got framed and hung straight. I’m grateful to Wilson and his little helper for crafting the beautiful slab wood frame. Grateful for the mill down the road that sells its scraps so reasonably. Grateful I have a wall to hang it on. Now, looks like it’s time to finish the wall with a coat of smooth plaster: I’m grateful for how one thing leads to another, and we grow.

Looking back over that half century, I’m grateful that the oasis of wild joy and color in this vision from my childhood has come to vibrant life here at Mirador.

…and of course, I’m grateful for this.

7 thoughts on “Just This

      • Wowwwww that’s amazing for a thirteen year old child!!!!….I must check the link! I too am very interested in art and make some paintings myself

      • His style has definitely changed! I read some of your posts. I feel for you with your challenges in lockdown. It’s been a lot easier to be an old hermit in the country during this pandemic than it is to be a young adult in constant contact with parents. Please be gentle with yourself, and know that everything changes eventually. Be patient, this too shall pass, and meanwhile cherish any little bit of alone time you can get. I loved how thoroughly you appreciated your venture out to get vaccinated, and am glad you were able to do that. Remember, you can always be alone in your own mind if you cultivate that capacity through meditation. I wish you kindness and compassion for your own deserving self. 🥰


      • 😊😊😊thank you so much!!! I am feeling so glad that you read my posts and yess you have said it all right. I must take out some time for myself and focus on loving myself😊. Thank you so much for your precious advice. I shall surely follow it! Take care of yourself as well during this pandemic times😊!

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