So Much

I’m grateful for the first wild asparagus of the season! I look forward to several harvests from this secret patch, and more from elsewhere.
I’m grateful for apricot blossoms! They opened between this morning and this afternoon, like little popcorns at the tips of twigs.

Today I’m grateful for so much. I’m grateful that I woke up after a long night’s sleep feeling like a million bucks. All vestiges of vaccine aftereffects are gone. I’m grateful that Stellar had a good day outside, too. I had energy all day to play in the dirt, amending soil in the raised beds, setting up irrigation hoses, and basking in awareness of this precious wild world of which I am a part, observing all the new sprouts and blossoms, listening to the phoebes, robins, finches and other birds, breathing fresh mountain air under a cloudless bluebird sky. I’m grateful that the conditions of this life I’ve come to in this moment allow me to spend a Sunday in bliss in this garden.

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