Chimney Sweeping

“It’s good we got this done for you today, so you don’t end up with flames shooting out your chimney.”

I’m grateful that Mr. Wilson, handyman extraordinaire, invested in chimney sweeping equipment, and knows how to use it. He was meticulous, not a speck of ash or dust in the house when he left, and the firebox cleaner than it’s been in years. This is the third winter since the last time it was cleaned, and it was actually fun to watch from the loft as he sent his brushes up the chimney attached to a power drill. The whole firebox was full of gunk behind the plastic barrier before he finished.

Chimney sweeps have been problematic for me in recent years. One is so belligerent that it’s traumatic to have him come, and the next one was unreliable and his quality disappointing after the first year. So the past two years I let it slide, never anticipating the complications that would ensue this winter. So I let it slide again, until Wilson got his gear. Just in the nick of time!

He even scraped the reburn tubes so they’re working again, giving me a hotter fire for less wood. Today was the first chimney sweeping in over a decade that wasn’t fraught with dread or frustration!

We are so lucky that this wonderful young family man moved to the neighborhood, with his sincere desire to help people and do a great job at whatever he undertakes: he embodies the value of service. He has experience doing so many different types of things, and is eager to learn what he doesn’t yet know. He takes Covid seriously, and cheerfully wears his mask and gloves and keeps a respectful distance. He focuses intently on whatever project he’s working on, and brings critical thinking to making his work more efficient. He is a godsend: I no longer feel anxious about any aspect of maintaining the nuts and bolts of my house, knowing I can call on him for anything: if he doesn’t know how he’ll figure it out. I’m so grateful for him!

The sound of a good draft!

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