Winter Wandering


Lots of deer browsing in the winter garden, especially after our first real snow days before Christmas.


Snow is half melted by the end of this peculiarly spring-like week, but still covers much of the forest floor. I finally took my husband-camera out for a walk this week, after months on the shelf. Both of us.


Ojo and the dogs came along. I forget somehow, sometimes, who I am and what I love. 


But an hour in the woods with animals and camera, and I begin to remember.

IMG_0653IMG_0718Above, the east facing side of the tree and below, west facing side of the same tree. Things look so different depending upon your perspective.IMG_0715

Orion astraddle the horizon and I’ve not yet had my cocktail, I know it’s deep winter. Yet the breeze this afternoon where I sat on the rim of the canyon, bright sun reflecting on golden cliffs, snow-capped ledges, snow draping slopes and trees, the stream running fast with rapid melt, Ice Canyon sighing, all that and the breeze brushing my cheeks as it flowed down canyon… so poignant. What was that particular quality of air, not quite warm, well shy of cold, but so gentle, an evocative caress? What did it bring to mind that was so specific? It was spring. It was a downstream April breeze, moist, with the faintest remnant chill of winter.

8 thoughts on “Winter Wandering

  1. Thank you, Rita–odd that Dave came in that same day and commented on the feel of spring in the air. I’m glad you captured the tree from both sides; those ancient juniper make me feel that they are holding a deeper wisdom I am unable to tap into.

    • i loved it so much when i first got it that i wanted to marry it. after a few years, though, i got a girlfriend camera: my iPhone… and consequently don’t spend as much time with my husband camera as i used to. he hadn’t been out in months. 🙁

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