Tuesday Morning

Morning Glory in the Crown of Thorns

What’s the story with morning glories? I’ve wanted them forever, tried a few times and they never took. The few I planted this summer are going bonkers. They finally climbed to the deck, they’ve engulfed the hummingbird feeder, they’re preying on the hanging thyme, they’ve climbed a cactus, strapped it to the post. As most things pull in their powers, fade back to ground for winter, morning glories bloom profusely, more and more blue flowers every day.

“You actually planted those?” said Cindy from back east. “They’re weeds! They’re all over my yard!” Oh, are they perennials? I said. “No, they self sow.” Uh-oh. It had not occurred to me that morning glories might take over here. Perhaps their seeds can’t survive the winter. We’ll know more later.

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