Sunday, June 17, late morning

The first daylilies bloomed down by the pond, joining Coreopsis, Callirhoe, silver sage, geranium, blue avena, and mingled penstemons. The Bombay wall is all but finished.

From the other direction, looking southeast along the Bombay Wall, cardinal flowers bloom crimson; columbine blossoms red and white before the marble tombstone of the little doctor vincent. meow.

Amythefish and Finn, startled from their lair under lily leaves, circle the first pink tethered blossoms in the bottom pond.

Golden elder’s fragrant wafting fans, panicles of tiny white flowers, bring a special memory, a smile. Bees are busy in the hive and out, crowding the doorway, building comb so close to the window now they’re curving it forward. Irrigation water on the mesa is over, finished. Fields that got no water at all this year are thin and brown. Alfalfa blooms sparsely elsewhere. The first and only hay crops of the season are falling, field by field, beneath the blades and swathers.